Rapid prototyping
High temperature 3D printing

Sensors for temperature, gases and mechanical impacts

Heat protective and harsh environment housings


AI Analysis of manufacturing data

Latest news

Our new service for 3D printed part made of high temperature plastics such as PEEK, PEAK, or PEI is now available.
The presentation describes the avoidance of voids, solder spatter, oxidation, component displacement by advanced reflow profiling.
For a safe rework process, we have developed special protection caps and shields, which can be manufactured quickly and individually.
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We enable an efficient and sustainable production of electronic products

Our focus is the cost and quality optimization of production lines for high quality electronics. We help our customers to improve the yield and cycle time of (vacuum) soldering and silver sintering processes by advanced sensors and software solutions.

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Our iterative design process enables fast prototyping and solution driven products.

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