For all engineers who are addicted to best quality: the ΔT-junkie is now available

For thermal processes, temperature profiling and temperature uniformity is a key criterion. For precise process control, the temperature distribution must be determined. For this reason, AHMT has developed the “ΔT-junkie”.

ΔT-junkie data logger, basic version with 12 temperature channels

The ΔT-junkie offers quality managers and process engineers the possibility to measure 20 temperature channels at once and in real time. This makes it the only data logger on the market with so many channels that transmits data wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Carriers with many products can thus be measured at 20 different points and the temperature homogeneity can be determined in detail. Heating and cooling ramps, time over liquidus and other quality indicators are available for all products and not only for random samples.

Temperature profile measured with the ΔT-junkie

Thanks to the innovative housing made of high-temperature plastics, the Bluetooth signal can be easily received outside soldering furnaces or machines. This allows you to track your soldering process in real time and significantly save development time and errors.

The modular design makes it possible to quickly exchange housings and optimize them for a wide variety of systems. Thus, the data logger can be tailored exactly to your application and you no longer have to make any compromises when selecting a data logger.

Even existing devices can be equipped with improved thermal protection. Thanks to our experienced process engineers, we define the protective housing according to your specifications in an iterative rapid prototyping process.

You can find more information about the product here.

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