smart data logging

Robots, conveyor belts, machines – everything will function fully automatically. But: systems and processes age, are subject to fluctuations and therefore need to be monitored. New and smart tools will be needed to ensure smooth profiling of complex and fully automated processes. Our data loggers and sensors paired with suitable software offer engineers exactly these possibilities.

The “Omnibus” data logger wirelessly analyzes the settings of the soldering ovens as well as the conveyor belts in SMT production lines and returns the measured values live. Thus, faulty settings, necessary maintenance work and possible production errors can be detected at an early stage.

Datalogger “Omnibus”

Thanks to the modular system, the “Omnibus” can be individually tailored to customer requirements.

  • Measurement of track widths and conveyor belt transitions for fully automated systems
  • Measurement of track widths in continuous ovens
  • Measurement of the residual oxygen content in plants of any kind
  • Measurement of mechanical shock and tilting inside and outside the furnaces
  • Temperature profiling

In addition to the measured variables, the geometry of the data logger can also be completely customized to your needs. Due to our innovative thermal management we are able to produce plastic housings for an operating temperature of up to 300°C. Therefore almost all soft soldering processes and furnaces are supported.

Typical applications are:

  • Reflow soldering
  • Vapour phase soldering
  • Vacuum soldering
  • Conduction soldering (hot plate)
  • Selective soldering
  • Wave soldering
  • Coating
  • Curing
  • Drying

In addition to SMT lines, other automated production processes can also be inspected with the device in a throughput principle.

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