Our new service for 3D printed part made of high temperature plastics such as PEEK, PEAK, or PEI is now available.
The presentation describes the avoidance of voids, solder spatter, oxidation, component displacement by advanced reflow profiling.
For a safe rework process, we have developed special protection caps and shields, which can be manufactured quickly and individually.
The "Omnibus" data logger analyzes the temperature, oxygen and transport settings of SMT production lines and reflow ovens.
For all engineers who are addicted to best quality: the ΔT-junkie wireless datalogger with 20 channels is now available.
4.5 hours from idea to product: This case study shows how we met our customer´s requirements due to our agile development methodology.
Check our new carrier opportunities and apply today. We are searching for engineers and scientists of […]
Thanks to our advanced 3D printing capabilities, we are happy to provide free-of-charge 3D-printed breathing mask […]